DIY vs. Hiring an Event Planner

February 20, 2020

You are having a party! There is so much to celebrate, but yet so much to do to prepare. Doesn't matter where your party is held, what the occasion is, or who the guests are.....there is still some sort of planning that goes behind it. Most people think they don't need a planner or cannot afford a planner. The truth is, if you are having a celebration and NOT using a professional, you are just taking the enjoyment out of whatever it is your are celebrating.

Here's an example: You are having your family at your house for your child's graduation. Just your family, and maybe even some close friends too. You have a beautiful backyard space. Its a beautiful day in June so why not have a BBQ? Seems easy enough. Now the planning begins. You make a menu based on the amount of guests and their food favorites. You check the sales, make your lists, run to the store, go back to the store for something you forgot, go to another store because the first store didn't have one or two items you are looking for, get home, unpack it all, start to marinate meats, realize you ran out of zipper bags to store them in, send your spouse out to the store for more bags, (they go, but unwillingly) start to prepare other items, then finally you can relax. But first, you must make your list for tomorrows adventure on other supplies you will need. The next day, you go back out to a few more stores for decorations, paper goods, alcohol, etc. 

You think going to a large corporation store like party city is the answer. You are aimlessly walking around the store, putting all things that say "Congrats Grad"  in your cart. You finally go up to pay and you spend over your budget. When you get home you unpack the bags and have to look at the receipt to see what the heck you just bought that cost so much. How did you just buy 6 latex balloons unfilled for $8.99? What are you gonna do with those? Have your spouse unwillingly (again) blow them up orally and figure out a way to tape them to the wall approximately 10 mins before your guests arrive because you were cleaning all morning and forgot to put out the decorations? Or are you going to enlist some help from your family and friends who are INVITED to your house to celebrate to help YOU? Doesn't seem fair to anyone involved in this "celebration"... In fact, this all sounds exhausting. I'm getting tired just typing this scenario out.   

Believe it or not, many many people reading this can relate. It can be extremely stressful to host a party and it takes the enjoyment out of the occasion.

This is why you NEED a professional! How much are you trying to spend? What is your budget? We will make sure you don't spend over what you can or want to. We know exactly what to do with balloons, how to handle them, and can make any space undeniably festive.  We also can come and clean up after. Anything you need, we can provide for you. Even if you wind up spending the same amount of money doing it yourself, or hiring a professional, the time you save from running to the store, picking out items and setting it all up is absolutely worth it.  


" I  was weary about hiring a party professional to come into my home for my daughters 8th birthday. She wanted a sleep over so I thought just a pizza and a few girls staying over. I didn't know what else to do. I found Bee Forever Events on Facebook and at first was calling for a few balloons. I am over pleased to say they gave so many ideas and really turned my daughters birthday party into something I never would of thought to do. I had no theme (didnt think i needed one) and they sat with me and my daughter got to know us personally and our likes and dislikes. Her party wound up being a rainbow unicorn theme and every single Mom that came to drop and pick up their daughters were so impressed. I think it made my girl Sophia Rose more popular at school lol. I told them I was on a budget and couldnt spend a ton and all their ideas to me sounded expensive. I'm a single Mom working two jobs and time and money are valuable to me, I still wanted to give my Sophia a party for her birthday. I live in a two bedroom apartment and didnt know where I would fit any of these girls for the sleep over. Bee forever events transformed my living room into a magic unicorn kingdom. Rainbow made out of balloons, pink and white sparkles everywhere. I wont forget the look on my daughters face when she saw the space and knew it was special for her birthday. I will def use this company again as I was so pleased on how it turned out "

Melinda Diaz SINY








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