This outdoor balloon garland will brighten up your whole neighboorhood! What an easy way to let your guests know where the celebration is. Measuring 6-10ft (depending on area) This unique design element will sure to be a hit!

Made with high quality latex materials, this arrangement will show up to your front door (as per our no contact policy) In the event there is no area that it can be hung, our team will contact you and let you know it has arrived. There is no additional fee for hanging the bundle. Choose up to 6 colors. Pictured is approximately 8ft in measurement.  

Outdoor Garland

  • These balloons are made with high quality premium latex balloons and measure about 11inches in height when blown to capacity. This product is air fill only. They will not float. Can easily be hung both outdoors and indoors. Keep in mind that outdoor balloons will not last as long as balloons that are kept inside only. Outside balloons will last about 24 hours (depending on weather)

  • These balloons are made from very high quality latex. They are durable, but will pop if not handled carefully. Please keep in mind that sun, rain, wind and other elements will shorten the inflation time.