Cupcakes are a staple on any dessert table. These delicious, and freshly baked cakes are perfect fit for your hand, and will make you smile for sure! You may choose up to three different icing colors. Choose from either yellow or chocolate cake. Minimum of 20 cupcakes in each order.

Every order will be delivered in a secure disposable travel container. Sizes available are Small-XLarge.

Small size contains 20 cupcakes, Medium has 40, Large has 60, and XLarge has 80.  Please contact us with any other specifications or questions before placing your order.  


SKU: cupcake-$1
  • Cupcakes are made with dairy products. For a full nutrition facts and ingredients list, please contact us before placing your order. All our home baked products are nut allergy free. Minimum 20 cupcakes per order